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What? Another Diving Blog? September 15, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Miscellany.
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This diving blog was a snap decision. I was at an OCRI Zone5ive” lunch event that featured Alec Saunders, CEO of Iotum who described his experiences as a blogger. Throughout his excellent presentation I kept thinking about dive blogs, and I checked them out on the weekend. Naturally I found lots to choose from, mostly from dive shops in nice warm-water locations, with brightly coloured coral and pretty fish. In a few hours I’d decided on featuring Canadian diving and the challenges facing the older diver, and by Sunday night I’d posted my first page.

I’m going to start my posts with a brief history of my own diving experiences and training. I took all my advanced diving training after I turned 50, and hope to dive for many years to come. All the while I see my fellow older (and not so old) divers in poor states of fitness and health, with some already having to drop out of most diving opportunities, and realized that I’d have to choose between an easygoing lifestyle and going on challenging dives. While I’m sure I could loll around Caribbean dive boats until I’m old and grey, the cold waters off Tobermory or Vancouver island and the racing currents of the St. Lawrence River are a different matter altogether.

I hope that writing this blog helps me figure out my own path forward in diving. Each dive is an opportunity to stretch my abilities and develop my skills. Being an occasional Divemaster has given me the opportunity to help new divers and assist in advanced training, and if this blog helps one person decide to take more dive training or start down a path of better fitness and health, I’ll feel it’s all been worthwhile




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