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The Apeks Quantum Dive Computer, Part Two October 6, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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Part 1 of this topic, posted on Saturday, described this computer, its features and benefits, and how one of the two models I owned suddenly died. Yesterday’s post also mentions a problem with the remaining unit where it reset just before I started my dive.

Inside the Apeks Quantum

Inside the Apeks Quantum

Since Saturday I obtained the right tool (a Torx #6) to remove the back cover from the broken unit. Unfortunately, it didn’t give me as much access to the inner workings as I’d hoped. I exposed the circuit board, but the switches I wanted to check were on the other side sandwiched between it and the bezel, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to separate them without damage. One ray of hope may be to find someone else who has a broken pressure sensor and use the front from his and the back from mine to cobble together a single good unit.

There seems to be a lot of development going on with dive computers right now, as I’m seeing several “coming soon” advertisements from various manufacturers. Given that yesterday was probably my last technical dive of the season, I can spend the winter months researching a replacement. I’d like something with the reliability of the Cochran, the ease of use of the Quantum, Trimix capable, and flexibility under water, including manual gas switches or even better, the ability to enter gas mixes under water and then select them as required. While I believe that a diver should plan the dive and dive the plan, sometimes circumstances require that the plan be changed while the dive is underway.



1. deepstop - October 12, 2008

Part 1 and Part 3 of this post are elsewhere in the blog.


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