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Scuba Diving Ocho Rios October 18, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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Our next trip was back to Jamaica to a resort which at the time was called Ciboney. We’d found a good deal on a two-week trip including unlimited diving to the resort located in Ocho Rios on the North Coast of Jamaica, about an hour from Montego Bay. Once again we were blessed with perfect weather, although the beach was not a patch on Negril.

At one point on the trip the resort tried to tell me that Scuba was no longer included in the price. Fortunately, my wife had brought along the brochure and we were able to show them that it was. That was something to remember for future trips.

There was not a lot to commend the diving, and although my log book was more detailed than my trips to Cuba, with at least dates, times and depths, not much else was recorded. There’s not a lot of fish to be seen in Jamaican diving, probably because most of them have been eaten.

Aside from unnamed reef dives, there was one place called “Ciboney Island” (a made-up name if I’ve ever heard one), where I dived one dive with buddy Jan and another with Steve, ranging from 30 to 60 feet in depth. The deepest dive was the top of an undersea mountain they called “Devil’s Island”, with depths from 80 to 100 feet. On March 4th and 14th of 1995 (the day Norman Thagard became the first American astronaut to be launched in a Russian spacecraft) we went to a wreck called the Katherine (not a made up name, apparently). On the second dive I noticed the resident small fish nibbling at my fins, and the occasionally attacking me in other spots. They had spawned on the ship and were defending their eggs the best they could, which given their size, wasn’t very well. Fortunately for them I had no interest in fish eggs.

It was a lovely vacation. After dinner we’d go to a beautiful wood-paneled bar for Grand Marnier. Besides the diving, we borrowed a Hobie Cat and sailed around a bit. One of those time we had to be rescued because the staff had rigged the rudder wrong and it was ineffective. I had to jump in the water to keep the boat from smashing into the reef which poked through the surface near the beach.



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