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Another Scuba Diver Left Behind November 1, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Emergencies.
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From an article in the Fiji Times – at least in this case the crew knew they were missing a diver. Of course I can’t pass judgement with so little to go on, but when diving in the ocean it is wise to carry at least:

  1. A signalling tube/lift bag. I mount mine on my BC below my tank by making two rings of bungees (or surgical tubing). It’s main purpose is for a decompression reference line but it is much easier to see than a diver in the water.
  2. A whistle or other noisemaker. I’m guilty of not carrying one of these, but I’m resolving right now to get one.
  3. A light. I always carry a light. On deep, wreck or night dives I carry two. The guy in this story might have been picked up if he had a way of making himself seen at night.

I’m glad he survived. Drifting alone in the ocean can’t be any fun.



1. Psycho Solo Diver - November 3, 2008

I’ve had a few dives in the fog and at night where I wondered where the boat was.

I still have yet to buy a whistle and rarely take a signal sausage unless it’s a drift dive… hopefully, I’ll never get to experience that “open water endless drift” that every diver should be afraid of.

Your blog is great and I’ve added you to my blogroll. A reciprocal link would be appreciated.


2. deepstop - November 3, 2008

The butt mount signalling tube is always on my BC, but I mostly dive in fresh water so if I don’t wash it down after my dive it’s no big deal. If I dived in salt water all the time I don’t know whether I’d bother, except on the higher risk dives (although a foggy night sounds like it would fit the bill).

Blogroll is done. Thanks for the link. I’m impressed that you’ve been going since 2002.



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