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My Next Dive Computer November 12, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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I’m starting to focus on the Shearwater Pursuit for my next computer. The other models I’m looking are Liquivision (also made in Vancouver) and the VR Systems VR3. I like just about everything about Cochran except its one major fault in my view, which is the lack of underwater gas switching capability. While I’m a believer in planning my dives, especially the technical ones, on plenty of occasions things don’t go as planned, and I’d like to have that flexibilty.

The Pursuit will accommodate 5 open-circuit gases (and 5 more for rebreathers). It is trimix capable, which I expect to need in the next year or two. It’s a little scary buying an expensive computer though given that it may break someday and be outrageously expensive or impossible to fix. Most other dive gear degrades gracefully over a number of years and doesn’t suddenly need replacement.

The Liquivision looks like a really nice computer. It’s expensive, and I don’t like the rechargable battery, although I suspect sealing the battery inside helps with the extreme depth rating that the unit offers. A cool feature is that the hardware is separate from the software, and two separate software systems can be loaded into the unit. Undoubtedly this adds to the expense but it’s definitely a cool idea.

The VR3 looks like a great unit as well, but it’s very complicated. The Pursuit is about as simple as you can get, without sacrificing anything I really need.

I’ll likely do a more detailed analysis of these units as I have all winter to decide. My dive  shop may become a dealer for the Pursuit and might offer me a good deal as a first user, which might speeed up my decision.

If anyone reading has experience with them, I’d like to hear about it.



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