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Mid-November Diving at Big Bay Point November 16, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Training.
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Just got back from a dive at Big Bay Point on Lake Simcoe, our favourite local spot to dive. As I mentioned before this is because it is close, not so much because there’s anything to do there. I went with Matt (an Assistant Instructor) and Andrew (Divemaster in Training) on a cold (7C) and rainy Saturday morning.

We entered the water off the end of the dock as usual. The other entry point, the  boat ramp, was blocked off by construction equipment and large rocks. There was also a barge parked just offshore. We guessed that the rocks were going to be loaded on to the barge and then be destined for someone’s cottage, but it’s hard to tell.

Matt with lots of gas on his back

Andrew with lots of gas on his back

We began the dive by heading down the underwater line to a depth of 80 feet. We passed the log where we train open water students, the pair of boats which mysteriously appeared at about 40 feet depth during the summer, and the snowmobile, which has been moved near the suspended bicycle. Not wanting to linger, we made our way back to the log and Matt ran me through some open water skills demonstrations, and I tried them out on him and Andrew. My little pocket camera didn’t take good pictures in the darkness. This one is the best of a bad bunch.

The  water temperature, at 9 degrees C, wasn’t bad for Mid-November. This is about 2 weeks later than last year’s end-of-season dive where the water temperature was 11C. It is also my first time in my dry suit since diving the Tiller Wreck off St. Catharines, on August 17th, and it was a chance to get used to it again before doing my Assistant Instructor course next weekend.



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