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Top Searches on the Deepstop Blog November 19, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Miscellany.
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I’ve been collecting search terms that hit my blog, and here are some of the more notable ones.

  1. new U.S. Navy decompression table
  2. table de décompressions hawaii
  3. fotos de cozumel
  4. women in beaver tail wet suits
  5. Scuba fatality
  6. chris and chrissy rouse
  7. Fat Blog
  8. can you smoke and be able to scuba dive
  9. cns toxicity units clock

So #1 pointed out that there are new tables designed by the US Navy. The September issue of Diver magazine (which curiously arrived bundled in the same envelope as the October issue), had an article on it. It is also mentioned in the April edition of Faceplate, a US Navy Newsletter for Divers and Salvors, and is provided in the US Navy Diving Manual, although I don’t know if this version is the latest one with the new tables, but you can find some of the original material on the VVAL 18M algorithm at the Rubicon Foundation.

#2 I think refers to the in-water decompression tables used by commercial divers in Hawaii. There are Australian tables as well. These were well-covered at the DAN Technical Diving Conference, which I discussed in one of the very first posts on this blog.

#3 is about Cozumel, and as my most recent post is in February 2006, you’ll have to bear with me through a summer of diving in Ontario before I go there in November. I’ve been there twice now, and my wife and I are planning a trip in February 2009.

#4 As much as I appreciate an attractive woman in a wet suit (or even an average one who is a good dive buddy), I’m not about to go searching the web for pictures, nor attempt to procure such pictures for those who do.

#5 Scuba Fatality is one of the most common searches that finds it’s way to my blog. I don’t know whether this is because  it is a fascinating topic or because I’ve given it good coverage. A combination of both, I expect.

#6 Chris and Chrissy Rouse, are famous examples of #5.

#7 The Fat Blog – my blog isn’t about fat, but it is about staying healthy. I noticed my bread recipe was viewed a few times that day. That makes me feel good. I stay healthy so I can keep diving. More diving makes me want to stay healthy.

#8 Can you smoke and be able to Scuba Dive? Of course you can! Then again, you can dive better, feel better, and have more money if you give it up. It’s not that hard. Really it’s not. Compared  to lots of other things people go through it’s almost nothing at all. Would you rather quit smoking and have withdrawals for 3 weeks or go through an 3 month post-op recovery after open heart surgery? That’s a very real choice.

#9 CNS Toxicity Units Clock – the Technical stuff in diving fascinates me. I study it a lot. I probably read that stuff more than I actually dive, which given the Canadian winter shouldn’t be all that surprising.

With the numbers of posts that I have so far, I find that both old and new posts are being read frequently – so I’m building up a library of sorts. That’s exactly what I wanted to do, although I hope I’m able to keep it up once all my diving to date is chronicled here.



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