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PADI Assistant Scuba Instructor, Day 1 November 22, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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After getting through the course introduction, our schedule looks like this.

  • Friday: 1PM-9:30PM; Introductions, registration, course orientation, an open book standards exam (40 questions, 1.5 hours, I scored 39 out of 40), and Developing Knowledge Development Presentations. We were left with an assignment to develop a presentation for class on Saturday.
  • Saturday: 9AM to 10PM; Knowledge Development Presentations practice, and Teaching in confined water.
  • Sunday: Times TBD, probably from about 12-5; Open Water Teaching Presentations in the cold dark waters of Big Bay Point. Temperatures this week have been below freezing so we’re expecting the water temperature to be about 5C (41F). It might even be a temperature inversion where it would be warmer towards the bottom, but one of my assignments is a CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent) which would be challenging to teach from 80 feet.
  • Wednesday Evening: Confined Water (Pool) teach presentations

I did learn that my recent post about ratios and depths was redundant, as they’re all nicely summarized in the General Standards and Procedures Section of the Instructor Manual (except for the experience programs like discover Scuba).

I’m looking forward to diving tomorrow. Last Saturday was my lifetime record for late season diving in Canada, and so I’ll beat my own record by 8 days. 2 of the guys are using wet suits – more power to ’em.



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