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CPR Saves Diver’s Life November 24, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Emergencies.
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I’ve read a number of books on Scuba Diving Incidents – many divers are fascinated by them, if the search terms used to hit this blog are any indication. One thing I noticed is that every time CPR was considered necessary, the diver did not survive. So I was slightly surprised but also happy to read of an incident in Vancouver where an instructor was in cardiac arrest after surfacing quickly from 100 feet, received CPR, and lived. Having been trained to give CPR, I wouldm’t hesitate give it a try, but reading this gives me more hope of a positive outcome than I’d had before.

It would be great if this article helps motivate people to take the training if they haven’t already.



1. deepstop - November 27, 2008

Unfortunately my observation from the books about CPR turned out to be right after all. The diver, who was 61 years old, was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to a newspaper report.


2. deepstop - January 1, 2009

This one looks like it had a happy ending, although the article is a little short on detail. Mind you, it appears that only artificial respiration, not external heart massage, was actually necessary – so that still fits with my observations above. Still, CPR training is something that all divers, if not everyone, should have. I defintely think that any parent should have it.


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