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Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas November 29, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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On my July 2006 trip to Los Cabos, the first diving was in the Los Cabos Bay – about a 5 minute boat ride. The site was very crowded with snorklers and divers,  which was strange as there didn’t seem to be very many dive operators in the town. The western side of the bay contains the famous Los Arcos, at Land’s End. My first impression of the dive was amazement. I’d heard very mixed reports about the diving in Los Cabos and was simply blown away by the quantity of marine life there. I’m more of a fish watcher than an appreciator of coral formations, and the size of the schools was like nothing I’d seen before. There is only one reef in the vicinity, and that is well east of Cabo San Lucas at Cabo Pulmo, so fish is what you go to see. The other unique thing was the water temperature, which ranged from slightly chilly to bath-like conditions. There was no thermocline like you find in summer in the Great Lakes, but in some places moving horizontally a few feet would bring about a dramatic change in temperature. I was glad for my full-length 3mm wet suit, even though it was alternately too much and not enough insulation. My computer recorded 76F (25C) on the first dive to 67 feet, and 84F (29C) on my second dive to 75. The first dive I’d done with no wet suit, but I had it with me, and wore it for the second. Obviously I had that backwards.

Starfish on my first diving day at Los Cabos

Starfish on my first diving day at Los Cabos

I had a photographic field day on these two dives. Fish were everywhere and were easy to shoot. The various puffer fish were my favourite. There were schools of them, or at least a bunch of them hanging out the same general area. They don’t all swim in the same direction, but they would swim in random directions in the same vicinity, so I think that’s as good a school as you can get with these fish. The Grouper and Napoleon Wrasses were just huge, and other species of fish would swim around in great numbers. I also saw Spotted Eagle Rays and Sea of Cortez Sting Rays all over the place, as well as Starfish and sea cucumbers.

Sea of Cortez Sting Ray

Sea of Cortez Sting Ray

In short there was plenty to see. More than I’ve seen since, even in Cozumel. If the diving weren’t so convenient in Cozumel compared to Cabo I’d always go there instead, but they just make it too easy in Cozumel.

Just too cute for words

Just too cute for words

Each dive was just a minute or two short of an hour, so I got my money’s worth. The area near Los Cabos is another of Cousteau’s top spots, and based on my experience there, it’s no wonder. It’s one of my favourite spots too.



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