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Diving the Lighthouse, Fathom Five National Park December 8, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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The final dive of my Tobermory weekend in August 2006 was on the 13th at a spot called the Lighthouse. This is a shore dive located a short drive from the docks, and listed in the park guides. My buddy Ryan, with whom I’d dived the harbour tugs the day before, was also my buddy on this dive. Ryan is a huge fan of shore diving, and admittedly even with the relatively expensive fills at G&S Watersports $8 is a pretty good price to go diving. As I’ve mentioned before club members get fills for free at my local dive shop.

There’s nothing all that memorable about this dive. There are some small fish and a lot of Crayfish to see, and more of the many rounded rocks so plentiful in the area, but no man-made objects to gaze at. The location is right on the edge of Big Tub harbour so those who wish to sneak into the harbour can visit the Sweepstakes, normally only a boat dive due the private property on the shore line, but that isn’t legal, apparently.

Gear donning and entry is over a bunch of rocks, and is rather awkward. It was a crowded place on the day we were there, with training classes underway. No doubt the instructors chose the location for its absence of charter fees and the free parking. We went down as far as 53 feet, where the water was 17C (62F), for 45 minutes. We worked our way back up the rock wall slowly, and so dispensed with the need for a safety stop.

I noticed water in my right boot and on my shirt, and noted in my log book that I might have a leak in my dry suit. It was the first of several times this happened, and I’ve determined that the most common reason is my latex seals not being flush against my skin. I’m careful now to check them all the way around and so my dry suit stays much drier now.

After the dive, I packed my gear in the car and settled in for the four-hour drive home.



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