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More End of the 2006 Dive Season December 18, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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The last dives of the season were on September 24th, once again at Big Bay Point. There was a group of divers there, and a bunch of students. Consequently, I ended up losing the group the in the silt caused by buoyancy-challenged divers bouncing off the bottom. Reaching 83 feet on the first dive, the temperature below the thermocline was 13C, about a degree warmer than the week before. On the second dive I was late getting in the water and searched around for the rest of the divers. I never found them and exited the water after only 6 minutes.

The final dive went aa bit better. I watched the advanced class go through its navigation exercise and swum around a bit, but at least had a decent length dive. At 17C, the water above the thermocline was very comfortable in the dry suit, and my new ankle weights kept me nicely balanced.

So far that year I’d done 26 dives. A lot compared to previous years (except 2005) but less than I do now. But although my diving in Canada was finished for the year I’d made plans to return to Mexico once again. This time it would be Cozumel, which I’d missed out on the year before due to Hurricane Wilma, going to Turks & Caicos instead.

Searching around on the web, I decided upon Blue XT Sea Diving, run by Texas native Christi Courtney.



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