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Submersible Pressure Gauges December 30, 2008

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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My wife gave me a submersible pressure gauge for Christmas, as well as some other diving gear. In reality, I went out and bought it and gave it to her, and then she gave it back to me. It’s the centre one in the picture below, made by Poseidon. It’s the only Poseidon equipment that I own.

3 SPG for technical diving

3 SPG for technical diving

The gauge on the left, made by OMS, is from my Apeks ATX50 secondary regulator. In the standard technical setup, the primary regulator, attached to the right hand post of the double tanks (when viewed from behind), has no SPG. When everything is operating normally with the manifold valve open, both tanks have the same pressure so a second gauge isn’t necessary. When things aren’t normal, you’re supposed to be on your way out of the water. The rationale for no second SPG is that it’s a unnecessary complication.

The Poseidon guage in the middle and the OMS gauge on the right without the boot are for my OMS Deco regs. These regs have only an unsealed first stage each with a second stage and an SPG. On the rare occasions when I’ve used  two deco bottles I’ve not had an SPG on one of them. Of course, I would always check the pressure on both deco bottles right before the dive, but I wanted to complete the set.  While for aesthetic reasons I would have like to have had a 3rd OMS SPG it just wasn’t to be. My LDS  was all out of them and couldn’t get any more, and while they were available from Divetech in Brockville the price was about double my discounted local pro price at my LDS.

The Poseidon looks like it will also be easier to read. My close up vision is getting poorer with age, as it does with most people, and it won’t be too many more years before I need a prescription mask. These days I sometimes find gauges and slates difficult to read in low light.



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