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More confined water Divemaster training January 4, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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My second of five pool weekends was on May 26/27 2007. Aside from the instructor and a couple of Divemaster Candidates like myself, the instructor’s wife, an assistant instructor, was helping as well. This is when the  section in the Divemaster Course Book about being a mindreader became apparent. Soon after I arrived, I found myself being berated by her for not bringing my slates – in particular the discover scuba diving slate as we had several of them to do that day. I swung by home on the way to the pool and picked them up, so at least I was prepared. There was also an incident where I needed some mask defog and took her personal supply, at which point she said “I’m going to murder you”. If she’d been a foot taller rather than shorter than me I might have been worried but I shook it off, put on a slightly bewildered face and told her I was sorry.

Once at the pool and on the deck setting up equipment, she told me to ignore the Discover Scuba Diving students and get the Open Water students geared up. The pool DSD students were just standing around looking bewildered which I thought was really unfair. I’ve since found out that the shop runs the DSD at no charge but if the purpose of doing it is to develop new business then ignoring them isn’t the way to go.

After we got the “important” students into the water, I was then told to instruct the DSD course. Not only had I no training on how to do that, even today I’m not actually allowed to provide instruction, although I will be by the end of this week now that my AI is complete and being processed. So I went through the items on the slate and a bit more and showed the students the best I could how to clear their mask and regulator, swim around, not hold their breath and so on, and escorted them one by one to the deep end to swim around and in the end I think they were satisfied.

Eventually I got along well with the dragon lady and got through my second pool weekend without further incident. The rest of my pool classes were for the most part uneventful and were actually assisting instructors. I did end up doing one more DSD for a family of four at one point, though. The husband had learned to dive in the seventies and looked very fit, while the wife and teenage boy and girl had no experience.

For some reason we had decided to do a deep water entry, probably because the open water class was in the swimming lane. Anyway, two of us were going through the instruction on how to put on the scuba unit properly, and while we had our back turned the husband just flipped his over head the old-fashioned way. I can’t find a demo of this technique on youtube but most movies or tv shows that include diving up to the mid to late eighties will have it. Anyway, we had to tell him that the technique was no longer appropriate due to the potential for injury. He was actually a pretty good diver, despite the 30 year break.

My last pool weekend was the January 26/27 of 2008. Because it was such a busy year, I’d put off the final two pool classes until the winter, so I could get the open water weekends, the other courses and of course some recreational diving in while the weather was still warm. The only thing left to do after that was finishing my mapping project, which I delivered in March on a DVD as a 20 minute video.



1. Naples Scuba Diving - January 5, 2009

OK, several lessons learned, I really enjoy your blog. Your perspective is excellent as we are just opening up our shop next week!


2. deepstop - January 6, 2009

Thank you, and good luck with the shop. I should write something on how our local dive shop runs. Actually, I think I’ll do that right now.


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