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Wreck Diving Training on the Robert Gaskin January 10, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Shipwrecks, Training.
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The first two dives of my wreck diving course in 2007 were in the St. Lawrence River near Brockville, Ontario (or, if you prefer, Alexandria Bay, New York) on the Gaskin. At only 60 feet depth, and with lots of holes in the deck through which a diver can pass, the Gaskin is great place to practice wreck penetrations.

The setup for the course was to make 6 dives, consisting of two dives on each of 3 wrecks. For the Gaskin, and the second wreck, the procedure was for each buddy pair to descend together to the bottom of the buoy line where they were met my the instructors. Each diver would pair off with an instructor and separately enter the wreck, one on the port side and one on the starboard, tying off their lines on the outside. On the first dive, it was simply a matter of laying a good taut penetration line, then reeling it in on the way back.

The instructors and safety divers stayed underwater during both dives by the students, a total of about an hour and a half. The students were spaced every 10-12 minutes, so after a surface interval of only 25 minutes my buddy Mike (an instructor in the RCMP getting his civvy certifications) and I were back in the water descending to the Gaskin once again. This time, when we were reeling back in, the instructors silted out the wreck so we had to depend on the lines for navigation. No problem.

The water temperature at 20C (68F) was cool in my 3mm wet suit and hood, but the dives were short (20 minutes and 18 minutes) and the air was warm so no problem. The maximum depth was 68 feet, which I hit on the first dive. We used Nitrox because of the short surface interval with a mix of 37% Oxygen.

In short, it was lots of fun.



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