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Open Water Scuba Diver – Pool Training Day 2 January 13, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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Sunday’s training day was in the “well”, a deeper part of the pool that’s off to one side and 5 metres or so square. It was a crowded day with Ed, my AI instructor, putting 3 divemaster candidates and a rescue diver student through their paces, and Brad instructing the 9 open water students with Mary and me assisting. I’d started the day at 7AM, first going for a 45 minute run like the previous day before having breakfast and driving up to the shop for 10AM. On Sundays I usually try for a 90 minute slow run but as I was going to be spending 2 hours in the pool I thought that a slightly faster 45 was good enough.

The class was enthusiastic and competent. We did fin pivots, hovering, CESA simulation, scuba unit removal and replacement on the surface and underwater, and all the other things required by the PADI curriculum. It was so easy we finished 1/2 an hour before we had to give up the pool so we gave the students free time to swim around and play underwater.

Marty was doing a fin-pivot in the middle of the well while I hovered almost directly above him. Pretty soon the entire class were either doing fin pivots or hovering. A couple of them mentioned to me how much fun it was controlling their buoyancy just by breathing. Like I said, they were a good class.

We packed up quickly and went back to the shop so Brad could finish off the classroom work and give them their referrals for their sun vacations. I spoke to Ed about the EFR instructor course, which is  my next step on the path to become an open water scuba instructor. I should have that course done before I go on vacation in February, which is likely to be my next opportunity to go diving.



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