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End of 2007 Diving Trip to Tobermory January 21, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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As the bumper sticker says, a bad day of diving is better than a good day at the office. I’ve had worse days diving, but a couple of things stick in my memory about this one.

I had divemaster duties on the Sunday morning in Tobermory when we set out from Little Tub Harbour with our German captain. I want to call him Klaus but I’m not certain that’s his name (another New Year’s resolution is to keep a note of the names of the crew on all my boat dives from now on). The weather was still warm, but as it was August in Ontario we were experiencing an unstable air mass with a possibility of thunderstorms.

Our first wreck was the Caroline Rose, a wooden schooner so lovely it was depicted on the old $100 bill, along with 2 other ships. My buddy Ryan and I entered the water a little after 10AM, and joined Steve and his wife Jen who were on the surface holding onto the descent line. The thunderstorms were about (according to Klaus we were safer in the water than on the boat), and the skies were dark and Jen was really apprehensive about the dive and wanted to go back to the boat.

Steve was trying to help her get her courage up when our LDS owner and instructor Brad came along and took over. He sent Steve down with the two of us and sure enough he and Jen happened along a few minutes later. It was a nice little dive with a maximum depth of 50′, and while the ship’s superstructure has collapsed, there is a lot to see including a couple of anchors. Bottom time was only 27 minutes although I started with a slightly less-than-full tank and came up with 1400 PSI so I’m not certain if one of my buddies ran low or we had seen everything we wanted to see.

The second dive was back at the grotto, where I’d been the year before. After getting everyone’s tank pressures, assigning buddies, and so on I jumped in the water myself and soon found that my dry suit wouldn’t inflate because the LP hose wasn’t connected. No problem, I’d just go for my BC to neutralize my buoyancy. Too bad it wasn’t connected either. The next thing I knew I was becoming acquainted with the bottom of the lake (which was about 20′ right under the boat). I carefully connected them both and enjoyed the rest of my dive – although you can see all of the grotto three times over in about 10 minutes.

The last indignity of the day was losing a good pair of diving gloves and hood – probably by leaving them on the boat. I went through quite a phase of leaving stuff lying around although usually getting it back, but that equipment I never saw again.

Still – it was a nice day, and the weather improved for the 4 hour drive home.



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