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High Definition Diving February 3, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Diving Books and Films.
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I ran across a Podcast on iTunes the other day in the HD section called DiveFilm HD Video. Currently it contains 25 clips, each from 2-6 minutes in length. While it is not the maximum quality available from HD at 960 by 540 pixels, which is 1/4 frame of the maximum NTSC HD frame size, the quality is still great for viewing on Apple TV (which I don’t have) or a computer. I watched the one about Roca Partida southwest of Baja Mexico, which made me want to go there in addition to the nearby Socorro Islands.

High quality means big files, and these ones are big, consuming 30 megabytes of storage per minute of video. That will consume lots of resources on your computer when you play the videos, but they’re well done, although they have the feel of an amateur production. The voiceover is quite well written, but rather than “professional” voices they are those of avid divers.

If you have a high bandwidth connection and lots of disk space, they’re worth a look. Due to their frame size, they won’t transfer from iTunes to an iPod. There’s probably a way to render them at a lower frame size, but as they’re so short, I don’t think it will be necessary to do so.

There’s also an older standard definition Podcast from the same crew, according to the web site.



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