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Cozumel Day 3: Dalila Wall February 24, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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Today (February 10, 2009) we did two more local reefs, Dalila Wall and Cedral Wall. The first was spectacular with marine life, the second not so much. Within the first two minutes we were at our maximum depth – for me this was 105 feet as I was trying to get closer to a Nurse Shark I’d spotted, but it went deeper and against the strong current so I returned to our planned depth of 90 feet.


There were 6 divers (Steve, Debbie,Tom, Stephanie & Jennifer) on the boat Shamu from Blue XT Sea Diving, along with Capitan Mago & Divemaster Pedro. A first for me on the dive was to see a group of 4 juvenile Spotted Drumfish. I’d never seen more than 2 previously. Most of the time I’d seen them in pairs. My cheapo camera has a significant and annoying delay after pressing the shutter release before it takes the picture, so I couldn’t get a good shot of the four together, although I got one that I can use if I need to prove my claim. Out of the 6 shots I took one came out nicely which you see here.cozd3-turtle-queen-angelfish

We also encountered a couple of Turtles. They’re so used to divers that they often just ignore us, especially if they’re eating something. This one had a Queen Angelfish hanging around picking up the scraps that the Turtle was missing as it fed.

Pedro found some Conch shells in a heap and moved them to reveal this Octopus, the first I’ve seen underwater. Other Angelfish, more Nurse Sharks, some large Grouper, Barracuda and various Box fish were also encountered.


The marvelous winter weather continued at  Cozumel, with the day hot with some scattered cloud. Underwater it was about 25C (78F), with a reasonably strong current.



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