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PADI sets things right March 10, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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To my surprise and delight I received a call from PADI this morning. They had read my post from Saturday morning about my Instructor Manual CD arriving in poor condition (bent & soiled with the gum from the packaging). I described the problem and was promised a new copy would be sent to me in a stronger package.

To say the least I was impressed not only by their concern, but also the promptness of their follow-up. The call came in at 11:50AM, which is 8:50 California time, so almost no time during regular business hours had elapsed between my post and the call. This confirms the impression I have had with previous interactions with PADI is that they are and extremely helpful and service-oriented organization. They monitor blogs and dive forums for comments. The Obama campaign did this to their great advantage in the run-up to the last US election.

The copy of the Instructor Manual that arrived into my local dive shop also had a bit of gum on the edge, but not as much as the one I received. It probably didn’t get as squished by the Post Office as my copy. I removed most of the gum and it worked just fine. A CD ROM is recorded from the centre outwards, so unless the disk is absolutely full, the edge doesn’t get used. This one contains about 70MB of data, or 10% of the total disk capacity, so the reader would never get close to the edge.

Chalk one up for PADI.



1. deepstop - March 20, 2009

I received my replacement Instructor’s Manual in good condition this week. Thanks go to PADI for taking care of me.


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