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Cozumel 2007 March 15, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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I lost my photographs from this trip in a disk crash, so I’m going to cover all 12 dives in this post. I apologize for sticking this amongst the postings on my February 2009 trip to Cozumel, it’s just a coincidence. I also left the log pages from last month at work so I can’t continue that thread until I retrieve them.

The 2007 trip was just a week long. We’d decided to give November another chance after the previous year, which had a little too much rain and lot too much wind. After arriving on November 17th, I confirmed with Blue XT Sea Diving that I’d be diving the following day – and dived all 6 full days that I was there.

  1. Dive 187, Nov 18 Dive 1 – Palancar Caves: The boat was the Bandida II and Juan was our guide. This was a wall dive with some swim throughs. In 9:04 out 9:45, PSI In 2700, PSI out 500, Max Depth 89 Bottom time 37. Saw some grouper, a couple of turtles and a lobster.
  2. Dive 188, Nov 18 Dive 2 – Francesa Reef: In 11:13, out 12:08, PSI In 3000, PSI out 800, Max Depth 67, bottom time 52. Looked up to see fish scattering everywhere because a grouper was on the attack. The grouper grabbed a fish a swam away. Also saw a Nurse shark sleeping under a rock, a lobster, blue parrot fish and  a Southern Stingray chased by other fish.
  3. Dive 189, Nov 19 Dive 1 – Columbia Deep. Again with Bandida II and Juan. In 9:26, out 10:12, PSI in 3000, PSI out 800, max depth 87, bottom time 44. Saw a turtle. Needed a couple of minutes of Deco.
  4. Dive 190, Nov 19 Dive 2 – Columbia Shallow. In 11:13, out 12:28, PSI in 3000, PSI out 700, Maximum depth 31, bottom time 1h15m (no safety stop needed at this depth). Saw lots of things. Lobster, turtle, lots of spotted morays, some urchins, lots of grunts. I marked this as a really nice dive, although shallow. We didn’t visit it on my last trip, maybe the guides don’t like the length of these dives.
  5. Dive 191, Nov 20 Dive 1 – Palancar Caves. Reduced my weight to 10 pounds (I couldn’t manage with that little this year for some reason, needed 12) using my 3mm Henderson full wet suit. In 10:30, out 11:31, PSI in 3100, PSI out 800, max depth 85, bottom time 58. Again with Juan in the Bandida II. Saw a turtle.
  6. Dive 192, Nov 20 Dive 2 – Dalila Reef. In 12:44, out 13:43, PSI in 2950, PSI out 600, depth 63, bottom time 56. Saw a barracuda and a Nurse Shark.
  7. Dive 193, Nov 21 Dive 1 – Cedral wall. Boat: Shamu. In 9:02, out 9:56, PSI in 2800, PSI out 600, max depth 81 feet, bottom time 51 minutes. Saw the plaque for Manolo Salsas.
  8. Dive 194, Nov 21 Dive 2 – Paso de Cedral. In 11:10, out 12:04, PSI in 2900, PSI out 900, maximum depth 56 feet, bottom time 51 minutes. Water temperature was 27C (81F) as it had been all week. Saw a couple of lobsters near a crab, and a Nurse Shark.
  9. Dive 195, Nov 22 Dive 1 – Palancar Horseshoe. Guide was Blanca, boat Bandida II. In 9:14, out 10:11, PSI in 3000, PSI out 700, maximum depth 90, bottom time 54. Great visibility in a light current. Saw an electric ray, turtle, and the memorial for Martin. Buddy Don. Scored 1 minute of deco time.
  10. Dive 196, Nov 22 Dive 2 – San Francisco Reef. Buddy was Don again. In 11:47, out 12:47, PSI in 2950, PSI out 650, max depth 67, bottom time 57. Saw a pair of juvenile Spotted Drums, a spotted Moray, a Green Moray, and a large Nurse Shark. Nice dive.
  11. Dive 197, Nov 23 Dive 1 – Maracaibo Reef. I’d made a request to Christi to dive this reef and she  managed to orchestrate it on my last day of diving. Being my last day after 6 days I requested Nitrox to keep the dissolved Nitrogen levels down and this dive I measured the O2 content at 34%. In 9:10, out 10:00, PSI in 3000, PSI out 800, maximum depth 76 and bottom time 47. With Bianca on the Shamu again. It was a beautiful reef with lots of soft corals. A couple of good turtle encounters, lots of groupers, and found a sleeping Nurse Shark.
  12. Dive 198, Nov 23 Dive 2 – Columbia Shallow. Using EAN38 this time although maximum depth was 34 feet so really didn’t need it. Close encounter with a Spotted Eagle Ray, lots of lobsters, and followed a small Turtle around for a while. A very pretty dive. In 11:12, out 12:30, PSI 2950-600, bottom time 1h 18m – the longest dive of the trip.

That’s it in a nutshell. This last trip I thought my air consumption had fallen off sharply, but reviewing this list I don’t think it was that bad. The longest dives were really shallow – much more so than any dive I did last month, so I don’t feel like I’m slipping at all. Still – got to stay in shape.



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