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Cozumel Day 7: San Francisco Wall March 17, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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Later that day on February 17, 2008, the Shamu motored off to San Francisco Wall. We were in the water at 11:22am, with Pedro from Blue XT Sea Diving once again in the lead. We were in luck on this dive, and I captured some different creatures with my little Pentax.

The relatively shallow depth at a maximum of 65 feet helped with the photography. Bottom time was 53 minutes with a 7 minute hang at 15 feet mostly because I didn’t want to get out of the water. Great visibility in the 26C (77F) water.

This picture, which I think is a Coney, is at odds with the picture in fishbase, which shows the lower half of the fish as almost white in colour, while the little ID card I bought in Cozumel shows a uniform colour like the one below.



Flamingo Tongue

Flamingo Tongue Snail

Orange Fireworms

Orange Fireworms

Right at the end of the dive I snapped this sea cucumber. Perhaps next time I’ll photograph the front, instead of the back. Hopefully that will be a little more attractive.




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