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Cozumel Day 8: Punta Tunich March 18, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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My final day of diving at Cozumel was about to begin, at least for this trip, on February 20, 2009. This time, the boat was Blue XT Sea Diving‘s Bandida II captained by Adan with Blanca as divemaster. Blanca had been in the US most of the time I was in Cozumel, and so I hadn’t seen her up to that point.

Splashing in at 9:05 am, we immediately encountered a couple of spotted eagle rays as we accelerated in the moderate to strong current. If I wanted to stop and photograph something, or even just look at it, I had few choices. I could try to swim against the current, which was difficult and made me realize that my flimsy tropical fins weren’t up to the job. I could try to hold onto the sandy bottom – mostly a futile exercise as there wasn’t enough grip. I could hide behind a coral formation – works fine unless you want to see something else, or I could hold onto a sponge. Not being coral, I felt that sponges (as long as they’re large enough not to break) were hardy enough to be undamaged by that treatment.

Blanca wasn’t a big fan of the latter strategy, even though the other divemasters not only didn’t mind, but sometimes did it themselves. After a chastising signal from her I let go and used the hiding technique for the rest of the day. Thus the photographs weren’t all that spectacular.


The shell of this turtle has an interesting sawtooth shape on the right rear.

Juvenile Trunkfish at the bottom of the frame

Juvenile Trunkfish at the bottom of the frame

Blanca on safety stop

Blanca on safety stop

Total dive time was 44 minutes including the 3 minute safety stop with a maximum depth of 89 feet. Also saw a small spotted moray and a Juvenile Drum fish on the dive but the photographs did not turn out well. Water temperature was 26C and the visibility at least 80 feet.



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