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Cozumel Day 8: Paradise Reef March 19, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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When Blanca from Blue XT Sea Diving offered Paradise Reef as an option for my final dive of the trip, I jumped at it. It seems that Paradise Reef is going to be destroyed to build a new Marina, so it would perhaps be my last chance to see it. After diving Punta Tunich we docked at a local resort but the water was too rough so we motored off to La Caleta Marina to wait out the surface interval, although first Capitan Adan had to pull start the  200hp outboard as the electric start wasn’t working.

Even though the reef wasn’t far from shore, and only 40 feet deep, it was full of life.  It was also only a couple of minutes ride from La Caleta. We saw crabs of various kinds, juvenile and adult Spotted Drums, Morays, a Mahogany Snapper, Barracuda, lots of box fish and Grunts, Stingrays and trumpet fish. I think there was more variety of fish on that dive than anywhere else.


Blanca was great at finding little creatures like this Crab pictured above.



This was the only adult Drumfish I saw in my entire trip, although we saw juveniles on just about every dive. I suppose that means life is risky for the average Drum, like it is for most sea creatures.

Juvenile Trumpet Fish

Juvenile Trumpet Fish

This Trumpet Fish was only about 6 inches long.

Anyone know the name of this clam?

Anyone know the name of this clam?

Yellow Stingray

Yellow Stingray

Usually photos of the Yellow Stingray are pretty boring because they’re on open stretches of sand, but this one was better because the sand was surrounded by colourful coral. It might have been a better photo if I’d gone around the other side of that opening and photographed it from down low, but with the current flowing in Cozumel lingering isn’t all that well received by the other divers in the group.



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