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Cozumel Wrap Up March 21, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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I’ve now posted every dive of my February 2009 trip on this blog, as follows:

All around it was a really good trip with no significant negatives. I came back tanned (as much as a redhead can reasonably accomplish) and relaxed, although the pressure of work catch up quickly.

I very much enjoyed the last day, with Blanca leading the dives. When we got back to the Marina (we were at Paradise Reef so taking the boat back to the Grand wasn’t an efficient idea), I gave Adan a modest tip (he’d been captain for only 2 of the 8 days of my trip). Blanca offered to drive me and two other divers back to our hotels which I was really pleased about, but as we were about to pull away Adan approached the driver’s window and handed the money I’d just given him to Blanca. I didn’t know what that was about – and I wondered if they were sharing tips or he just wanted her to hold it. I thought it was strange, but looking back perhaps he owed her money.

Anyway, when we got to my hotel I told her than they wouldn’t let the other Captain Mago and me through the gate last time. She said she’d try anyway, and I said maybe if she smiled at the guard he’d do it. Sure enough, it worked. We stopped in front of the hotel and I expected her to get out to say goodbye, but she didn’t. So the tip I’d planned to give here was never offered, and she looked a little strange at me as she waved goodbye. It’s too bad, because she did a good job that day and deserved one, but there just wasn’t a smooth way to hand it over. I feel badly about that, because I appreciated her taking the trouble to drive out of her way to the hotel.

One final word of praise for Blue XT Sea Diving – I’ve used them 3 times now and they’re always great. Many of the other divers I talked to have used them multiple times and are always happy with the service.

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