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State of the Deepstop Blog April 2, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Miscellany.
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I’ve now complete six full months of blogging and seem to be holding up just fine. I try to write something new each day, even if occasionally it’s about a past dive. If you’ve followed along I basically have three tracks:

  1. Blog as go diving. Keeping up with the dives (or other events like training) as I do them
  2. Past dive catchup. As of yesterday, I was up to May 18, 2008. I have a summer of diving to go as (1) started in mid-September, at which time this category of post will disappear as my entire log book will be captured into this blog
  3. Technical articles, news commentary, and philosophical musings. This is likely to increase once the log book is finished, especially in winter when I’m not diving as much.

So far I’m pleased with the growing audience. I’ve done very little outreach and mostly attracted readers through their own Google searches. Google likes blogs, and ranks them very high – especially if posts are frequent. Ranking is also a function of incoming links, and while some bloggers work really hard at getting people to link to them, I’ve done almost nothing. Then again, I have no financial interest in this venture.

By far the most popular topics are about diving physics. It’s always been my strong suit in the classroom, and many a search finds it’s way to me, especially when it comes to comparing the buoyancy of fresh and salt water.

March saw a real uptick in the readership. By January I was seeing almost a thousand page views and February was slightly less (although pretty good since I missed a lot of days while mostly incommunicado in Cozumel). In March though, it reached 1,839. My wife thinks it’s because the weather is getting warmer and people are getting renewed interest in diving. I won’t know for another year if that’s true or not, I suppose. Right now there have been well over 5,000 visits to this blog

So far I’ve written just over 200 posts. I find they come pretty easily although sometimes I feel that I’m overanalyzing the topics just to have something to say. Let’s just say that it’s my style.

My more blog-savvy friends have given me some pointers to tools that can be used to make broaden the reach of a blog, and I hope to spend some time to include them, as well as to convert to a sexier theme. I’m looking forward to doing that, although time is always an issue for someone who divides their time between household, work and diving.

Thanks for listening.




1. rickheil - April 3, 2009

Keep it up Chris… your insights are thoughtful and inspiring and very appreciated!


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