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Quick one at Big Bay Point April 6, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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By June 7, 2008 I was looking for another dive, and just drove up to Big Bay Point and hung out until someone showed up looking for a buddy. It turned out to be Kelly, who was taking her divemaster training at the same shop as me. I had brought my doubles because I wanted to get some more practice with the new equipment, and she patiently waited while I fiddled around and suited up in my dry suit. I was about to put on my Scuba Unit when she pointed out that my dry suit zipper was open. Sure – I knew that.

It was a beautiful Spring day with a high of 30C (86F) but the water was still cold at 9C (48F) on the bottom and 11C (52F) near the surface. We went all the way down the line which slopes to almost 90 feet but at that point Kelly signaled that she was too cold in her wet suit and we headed back up. There were two noticeable thermoclines, even though the difference between surface and bottom was only 2 degrees Celsius (36F). Not much to see down there, although we did find the tricycle.

After 26 minutes we’d seen enough and surfaced. There didn’t seem to be any more diving to do so I headed home.



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