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Return to Big Bay Point April 7, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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I’m depending on my log book more often for content lately whilst waiting for the weather to get better. We had a late season snowstorm with heavy wet snow today, which makes the diving season look depressingly far off.


This is what my back yard looks like this morning. On Sunday the weather was warm enough to do some gardening outside and all the snow had melted, even the pile at the back of the driveway that was over my head in February (half of which I thankfully spent in Cozumel).

On the other hand it’s less than two weeks until our trip to Florida to dive the Oriskany, so things are looking up. The instructor course starts two weeks after that. Almost all our training is done at Big Bay Point in Lake Simcoe, and it has quickly become my most frequented dive site because of that and because it’s the closest deep water to my house.

On June 14th 2008 Roger and I decided to go back to the site for quick splash. Roger is probably my most frequest dive buddy as he is up for diving anywhere and anytime, and is perfectly happy to go to the same place over and over again. Brad at the shop had some Oxygen he wanted to finish up (so he could get the bottles refilled) so I ended up with a couple of tanks of EAN36, which is a perfect mix for Big Bay Point.


The first dive was down to the bottom of the line, maxing out at 91 feet. We found the bicycle (which is mounted front and back on a stand several feet off the bottom so divers can have their picture taken whilst sitting on it, and also the snowmobile, which is about 10 feet east of the line at 60 feet (or was, things move around a lot there). Dive time was 35 minutes and the water was still at 9C, like the week before.


Post Box: This is where we tie off our dive flag

On dive #2 we didn’t go as deep (70 feet), but headed east at the post box, which is at a depth of 30 feet, along the line to the speedboat.

Zebra Mussels Abound at the Speedboat

Zebra Mussels Abound at the Speedboat

On dive #2 we didn’t go as deep (70 feet), but headed east at the post box, which is at a depth of 30 feet, along the line to the speedboat. This is where we take students on their underwater tours, as we can give them a good swim and something to see without exceeding the 40 foot depth limit for open water dives #1 and #2. We headed back and then followed the line all the way west to a log where we saw a dead yellow perch in some weeds, as well as the log that marks the end of the line. On the way we passed by a duck decoy mounted on post, and another post with a bath-toy duck. How exciting!


I noticed the water temperature near the surface had climbed a degree during the week. The depths never really get warm there but by the end of the summer the temperature is quite respectable near the surface and divers have to be careful not to ascend into a swimmer.

It must be obvious that we don’t go diving there for the scenery. We simply love to dive and it’s a convenient spot to go and play. Ontario has some great diving spots but from where we live it’s either going to be a very long day, or an overnight stay. It’s a big province.



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