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More on the Dive Computer Debate April 11, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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This is really getting difficult.

Rich replied to my comments. He has a good point about the brick-like quality of the computer, but I note that Scott loved his Shearwater Pursuit, despite the size, weight and aesthetics.

Hey Chris,

All the features are enabled on the systems including the CCR port.  It can do all 3 CCR O2 sensors although personally I think I’d leave at least one to an external display to reduce failure potential.  For today, though, I really like the VRx.  Since I’m doing Tri-mix this year I had to get a new computer.  I took a good look at the Shearwater a few weeks ago at Custom Diving Services.  Scott had his rebreather on the bench and was nice enough to give me a full tour of it.  During that time I pointed to a brick-shaped device that was bolt-snapped to the chest ring on his rig.  That, he told me was his Shearwater computer.  He told me it was an incredible computer and that he loved it.  In fact, he just sold his Cochran on OntarioDiving.com.

While I can see that the Shearwater is an incredibly versatile computer I have to say that it is the ugliest, bulkiest, heaviest piece of dive equipment I’ve seen to date.  It looks like they built it from stock parts to keep their costs down while passing the development costs on to the customer.  I can’t see how in this world of high-tech gadgetry they can expect to sell a brick and compete.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve read the Shearwater’s specs and I’m highly impressed.  If I had not actually held the thing in my hand and seen its ugly display and form I’d have had a much harder time buying the VRx.  While I’m sure the Shearwater II will be a kick-ass, slim lined, high tech marvel, I can’t afford to be on the “oh, you bought rev A” team again.

As always you raise some excellent points but I think, all things considered, we made a good call with the VRx.




1. deepstop - July 27, 2009

Rich tells me that the unit he saw before writing this was actually bigger than the one I subsequently bought. It seems that somewhere along the way Shearwater has brought the size of the computer down to more reasonable proportions, although it is still quite large.


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