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Scubapro Spectra Dive Mask April 12, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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I bought some equipment for my trip to the Oriskany next weekend, although I still don’t have a second computer, and at this point I’ll probably use a watch and tables with my computer set to bottom timer mode, or maybe go with the computer with tables as a backup. Anyway, not the ideal thing but I don’t want to rush into it unless I have to. The computer is an excellent deal even if it is ranked 3rd overall.

So today I got a little packet of anti-seize compound for my OMS Vega dive light a whistle, both from Canadian Tire, a dozen C-cells in a bulk pack from Lowes, 4 of which are now installed in my UK C4 light, and 8 in my UK C8 Pro LED-plus light, and a Scubapro Spectra Mask from the dive shop.

I had to replace my not-so-old (purchased November 2005) Seaquest Mask because of a cracked frame. I’ve been trying on a lot of masks in the store each time I dropped in, including ones by Bare and Cressi, and was quite interested in a Bare frameless mask (nothing to crack!). All the masks passed the seal test (slight inhalation through the nose and face down without the mask coming off) just fine, but the Scubapro just felt really, really comfortable. I chose tech diver black, of course, and was initially put off by the grey trim on the bezel, but found out there was a nice subtle copper trim version which looked much better so I bought it on the spot. I passed on the matching snorkel as I already have one and don’t use them except when I’m with students in accordance with PADI regulations.


So now I need to put together my kit for the Oriskany. I’ll be taking:

  • Scubapro Jet fins with spring straps
  • Isoteq booties, bought in 1982
  • Scubapro 6.5mm full length wet suit
  • OMS 6lb steel backplate and IQ pack with 2 pockets.
  • OMS bungeed dual 90lb wing
  • Small Wenoka Titanium knife (I only have 1 knife and will be looking for a second cutting device)
  • All 3 lights: The UK C8, the UK C4 and the OMS Vega. Probably one more than I really need.
  • A Mares backup mask, bought in 1982
  • An OMS Jon Line
  • OMS wrist slate
  • Apeks wrist mount compass
  • Apeks Quantum Computer
  • Tag Heuer Dive Watch, bought duty-free in Jamaica in 1990
  • Bare reef gloves
  • Bare dry suit hood
  • Scubapro Spectra Mask
  • Faber 95 doubles with OMS manifold, each pumped up to 3200 PSI of air, or 115 cubic feet.
  • Catalina AL80 with EAN50, filled to regulation 3000 PSI and with hardware to sling on my harness. I’m taking both, one for each dive.
  • 2 Apex TX50 regulators, primary with a long hose and inflator hose, and secondary with Apeks Egress second stage, inflator hose, and OMS SPG.
  • An OMS deco regulator with OMS SPG (or Scubapro SPG depending on which one I use)
  • OMS 150 reel
  • OMS lift bag/signalling tube – 50 lb
  • Nikonos IV camera and film for the deeper stuff
  • Pentax Optio S5i and housing to 130 feet
  • Bags and spare parts, chargers and tools.

I’m sure my buddy Mike who’s driving down with me will be taking much the same thing. I hope we don’t have too much trouble with customs – they’ve been known to force divers to drain their tanks for inspection, which will cost about $150 in gas and require careful disassembly and reassembly of the manifolds.

I’m also taking this laptop down not only to keep blogging but also to run decompression planning software.



1. deepstop - May 4, 2009

OK I love this mask. I wore it on my Oriskany trip and it was so comfortable I didn’t notice it. What more could I ask for? Well, there’s one thing, I haven’t tried a flood/clear or remove/replace. Not something I wanted to do way out there in mid-ocean on a technical dive but I’ll try it in the pool next chance I get, which will be pretty soon because my instructor course starts on Saturday.


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