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Speaking up for Shearwater Pursuit April 15, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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This Facebook exchange with my AI (and soon to be OWSI) instructor Ed, who is a fan of the Shearwater Pursuit. I’m getting very close to making a decision.

April 11 at 7:51pm
Ed, are you any closer to buying a new computer? I’m confused now. There are 3 that look good to me, the X1, the Pursuit and the VRx more or less in that order. The X1 is really expensive. The other guys are looking to order the VRx soon.

I was just wondering if you were still thinking about the Pursuit.

April 11 at 8:41pm
i am ready for the pursuit anytime however brad said he is waiting for you to order, as for the vrx, i’ve played with it a while ago. actually is is the same as the vr3 but with a rechargeable battery and a more pretty housing.
yes, i am still interested in the pursuit until i ran out of money. lol

April 12 at 2:05pm
The minimum order for Brad is two Pursuits. I’ll see what he says about the X1 and check out the VRx at the club meeting on Tuesday night. Looks like I’m going to dive the Oriskany with just my Quantum.

This is all just too confusing. I just want something reliable that I can configure the way I like. The VRx apparently is only serviced in the UK. I don’t like that.

If you still want to order the pursuit, that will make two of us, unless Brad comes up with some brilliant price on the X1. What do you think of the X1 by the way?

April 12 at 10:06pm
Chris: if you want the computer simple and easy to use, for sure not the vrx. dont get me wrong, vrx is a very sophisticate dive computer. so as you know i use a vr3 which is the same as vrx except vrx has a builtin rechargable battery. i don’t know much about the x1 but was told supposed to be very good dc also. the pursuit is my choice due to a several reasons: 1) i know it will work in my set up for sure; 2) my ccr instructor strongly recommended it and he uses it also; 3) is canadian made eh!
the bottom line is if you are in, i am in for the pursuit; if you are not in, i am still in for the pursuit just may have to find another way to purchase it, through brad or some other source……

Today at 8:49am
Thanks Ed. I’ll have made up my mind by Wednesday and will probably go with the Pursuit. I might as well see the VRx at Tuesday night’s dive club meeting and see what price Brad has on the X1. Aquasub sells it online for $2,250 plus you need software ($100-$250) and the CCR option is another $650 (although I don’t need that, at least not right now) which is too rich for my blood so unless there’s some spectacular deal on the X1 or for some reason I fall in love with the VRx (unlikely I think, service is return to UK and complex user interface) I’ll be going with a Pursuit SPOT.



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