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eRDPml Mastery April 26, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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OK, so it’s not a big deal. PADI designed the thing to be easy to use, but as a future instructor I need to make it my business to know it inside and out. Now I do. I just spent the last 2 hours reading the instructions from cover to cover and doing all the exercises. It is much simpler than The Wheel, although for my own diving I use either a dive computer or make custom tables on my laptop.

The eRDPml (electronic recreational dive planner – multi level) replaces the eRDP and The Wheel, as well as the standard dive tables, although the latter is still useful if you want to take it underwater, as neither eRDP is submersible. If you’re not a diver and you’re reading this, these tools are used to calculate how much time you can spend at specific depths without running undue risk of getting the bends (you always run some risk of the bends, but the incidence is extremely low if the guidelines are followed).

The eRDP will calculate your NDL on repetitive dives, the required surface interval for a second or third dive, or the maximum depth for a give time on repetitive dives. The eRDPml adds the capability of being able to do these for multilevel dives, giving credit for shallower portions of the dive instead of assuming the entire dive is at the maximum depth.

Next is to finish all the knowledge reviews in the instructor workbook to be ready for the open water scuba instructor training in two weeks.

I also paid my money to confirm my spot on the August dive club trip to Tobermory. Forest City, Arabia and Niagara II here we come.




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