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PADI Diving Knowledge Examination April 26, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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I’ve spent the last several hours going through the questions and reviewing the materials. The next  step is to finish everything on PADI standards, which runs through everything from Bubblemaker to Divemaster and all the specialties. The actual exam will be open book (or for me, open computer as I’ll be using the electronic version of the instructor manual). I highly recommend using a computer for this as it is really quick when you use the search function to find anything you want. I might even install Google Desktop to make it even easier.

One thing I noticed is that the eRDPml comes up with different answers to a couple of the problems than does the Wheel. I’m sure it was just one pressure group out, which is easy enough to have happen on an analog device like the Wheel. I presume the exam itself will be updated accordingly.

I still like using the tables. One of the questions in the practice exam described 3 dives, and asked for the total duration (i.e. calculate the required surface intervals and safety stops). Cool question and fun to do.

The eRDPml also doesn’t do Nitrox (I suppose the eRDPml-EAN will come out next year some time). Just like tables, you could use EAD (equivalent air depth) with the eRDPml to plan a Nitrox dive, and the 5′ depth increments would mean less rounding up than with tables although it would still be more (unnecesarily) conservative than if the computer handled Nitrox internally.

The OWSI course starts in less than 2 weeks. I will be ready.



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