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Deep Dive Planning #2 April 29, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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This is actually in reverse order as I described the plan for dive #2 yesterday, but I’ve obtained the dive plan for Oriskany Dive #1, and combined it with the plot from my computer into a chart of the dive. The excursion below planned depth is quite apparent at the 6 minute mark, as is the quick recovery. We’d originally planned to go to the sponson below the tower on the starboard side, which turned out to be at 180 feet rather than the 170 that the final plan called for. The error, I think, was both in the execution and the planning of the dive. The final plan wasn’t determined until we were almost at the site, and turned out to be a compromise between differing objectives. We also paired into buddy teams at the last minute, further confusing the situation. I had done my original plan to 180, and couldn’t let go of the idea of descending to the sponson. There was nothing to see outside the wreck at the planned depth of 170 and no reason to be there. As you can see from the graph we were at 140 feet shortly afterward which is a little above deck level.

Other than cutting the corner off the ascent to 100 feet by ascending to slowly, and being a minute late going to deco depths, we were pretty close to plan. Maybe not close enough but with a computer also providing information on the dive, a very conservative profile and a final safety stop at 15′, I’m satisfied that we were on the safe side. On the other hand if we were to venture into more aggressive dives we’d be well advised to stick closer to the plan.



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