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Off and on the wagon April 30, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Fitness and Nutrition.
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No, not that wagon. I don’t drink a lot these days. I’m talking about exercise. For almost a year I was really disciplined exercising 6-7 times a week, except on diving days, but when I went to Cozumel I fell out of the habit having spent 2 weeks on the beach and under the water. When I got back there was a recovery time where I didn’t exercise and I lost the momentum completely, exercising about once a week. While I tried to get back in the groove, driving nonstop to Florida killed it once again.

This week though, thanks mostly to the encouragement of my wife, I’m back at it. I have to report how hard it is to bring myself up to the level I was at, especially with running. I think for every week I’ve taken off it will take about a month to restore things to former levels. It just goes to show how fleeting cardiovascular fitness is, and how much dedication it takes to keep it going.

Travel is always the problem. It disrupts sleep and makes it hard to motivate myself to get up a little earlier (I’m talking 4:45 here, vs. 5:30 on weekdays) to fit the workout in. Every time I take a trip I have to struggle to get back at it. On the other hand, I feel so much better when I’m fit that I am determined to take the time to get back to my February levels.



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