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Diving the wreck of the Comet, Kingston Ontario May 3, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Shipwrecks.
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Continuing on through my log book into May, 2009, just under 1 year ago and on the whirlwind one day trip to Kingston for a 3 tank dive. Kingston is the home of a military base, Queen’s University, and maximum security penal institutions for both men and women. I’ve known three people who have served time there, all for murder. One was in my math class in the last year of high school and seemed like a normal guy, but he killed his wife and her lover  in bed together. The other two were drug related. That was all many years ago and very tragic for all involved, I’m sure.

The Comet is an old paddlle-wheeler from the mid-19th Century, with a large paddle wheel on each side of the hull both still upright and intact. I didn’t make any comments in my log book, other than the date (July 5th, 2008), the depth (83′, although it’s advertised at 90), the time (34 minutes on the bottom, with a 3 minute safety stop), that I was fully suited up in dry-suit, gloves and hood and that the temperature at the wreck was 11C (52F) and on the surface was 25C (77F), with 30-50 foot visibility. If I’d taken pictures I lost them in my disk crash, although I suspect I was still trying to get the poor Nikonos IV to yield, and thus have nothing to show. At least I got another Nitrox dive in with the 36.5% O2 mix in the tank, and came out with 1000PSI.



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