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Bubbling blood May 13, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Miscellany.
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I noticed this news article in the Oklahoman, and noticed a couple of things. One, as you’d expect from a landlocked state, it states that each 34 feet of depth equals one atmosphere – obviously catering to fresh water divers. Another is that it mentions Aquarius, an underwater habitat created by NOAA, where Doug Arnberg who came to one of our dive club meetings did some rebreather work. Lastly, it described taking a blood sample from an inhabitant of Aquarius, where tissues are fully saturated, and bringing it to the surface – resulting in the explosive “boiling” of the blood. That would be a cool demonstration to dive students!

I say “boiling” and not boiling, because while the phenomenon resembles boiling, it is not water vapour coming out of solution but dissolved gas, which is quite a different thing altogether, but still results in bubbles.



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