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DSAT Tec Deep Training Dive May 22, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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My first divemaster experience with Tec Deep was with a training dive on July 13th, 2008 for Andrew, Mike and Jeff with Brad instructing and Dave as the other assistant. For me, it wasn’t so much an opportunity to help but to observe, as I was still trying to get comfortable with all my new gear whilst wearing a dry suit. We were at our usual training ground of Big Bay Point, at the southern entrance of Kempenfelt Bay in Lake Simcoe.

The student were in to practice don/doff of the scuba unit and valve shutdowns. The former exercise is particularly difficult in a dry suit, as the scuba unit is very heavy and the dry suit is buoyant even when deflated to the point of pain. So I was amused to watch the struggles to stay attached as the divers held themselves down in a cloud of silt while trying to pull themselves back into the harness. This is a really exhausting exercise and Mike was ready to give up on technical diving afterward. Fortunately he stuck with it and we’ve done some deep diving together since then.

At one point Mike and I got lost in the silt cloud and couldn’t find the others. They’d move up current to get out the clouds while Mike was struggling back into his gear, and we had to surface to find them again. We were actually up for 14 minutes before we decided to go back down after locating their bubbles.

I was just about to buy my 7mm Scubapro wet suit at the time, and probably could have got away with it as at maximum depth (only 36 feet) the water temperature was a balmy 19C (66F). On the other hand, with the dry suit, I could go without a hood and still be comfortable.

We did two dives 52 min and 29 min, we out of the water at 11:45. Air temperature was 24C making for a nice weekend outing.

Next stop was Brockville, to help out with the wreck diving course and try the new wet suit.



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