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Friday night in the pool May 25, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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May 23, 2009. The troupe of 5 prospective instructors, Matt, Yoon, Steve, Marty, Jim and I all headed up to Tim’s Diving Supplies just outside of Barrie to rendezvous at 5:45 pm after work for training in the shop’s private pool. On the way I stopped at the dive shop to top off my tanks, which were still half full of 50+ Nitrox from the Oriskany trip, so would have been still quite well enriched even after the air was added. I didn’t bother testing the mix as the pool is only 10′ deep, well above the MOD of pure oxygen, much less a 40ish mix.

The first order of business was to run through the briefings for the skills we were going to teach. Mine were snorkel to regulator exchange for the open water class, and the quick reverse from the rescue class. I’d prepared the first in detail using the PADI slate, and although a bit long winded it was thorough. For the quick reverse, I’d been unclear on the scope of the training so had only done the reading, without further preparation. Open water instructors can teach anything up to Divemaster so it’s only fair to ask for demonstrations and evaluations of the skills in these courses. I’m a lot less  clear and definitely less practiced in these, so I have a greater level of anxiety when it comes to this part of the training.

However, for the briefing I did fine, and got all the main points in. In fact, as I’ve found before, where I have detailed notes I tend to be long-winded, which is definitely not helpful, so the rescue  skill was actually delivered more succintly than the snorkel-reg exchange.

Next we were in the pool to do skills circuits.  Again no problem. We all did fine. I’m starting to get very comfortable will all of these and slowing things down. Unlike before, the scuba unit remove and replace is more smoother now, and I followed the instructor’s lead by planting the tank on the bottom of the pool in front of me for additional stability.

The snorkel-reg exchange was fairly uneventful. My students intentionally screwed up by (a) not doing the exchange and (b) lifting the head out of the water. I caught both of these. The only thing that I need to improve is contact with the certified assistant. Their job is always to watch the other students while your busy with the one performing the skill, and to score full marks you have to at least make contact with them between students to make sure everything is going the way it should.

On the quick reverse, everything was fine except that I failed. On the 3rd try, the pretend victim climbed on the rescuer. I was not concerned as in my own rescue class this happened frequently. It looks, though, like this shouldn’t have been allowed as this places the rescuer in jeopardy. Something I won’t forget. The other screw-ups were getting in too close and incorrect positioning which were both caught.

At 11:30, after doing the debriefings and hearing our evaluations, we were done and away before midnight. It was an hour drive to get home, and I hade to pick up some groceries, and  in bed well past my usual time at 1:20. The next morning the alarm went off at 7:30 so I could have a decent breakfast, watch the F1 qualifying at Monaco, and head up to the shop to resume classes at 9:30.



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