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Scubapro Spectra vs. Bare Duo-B May 31, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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As I’ve mentioned before, I bought a Scubapro Spectra mask in March and I’m really happy with it. The mask fits great, sticks to my face like a suction cup, is comfortable, looks good, and clears in one blow. So I was extolling the virtues of the mask to Steve, another instructor candidate in my class, but he found that the Bare Duo-B fit him better. Curiously, an identical Bare mask (except for its colour) did not fit him so well.

When we were in the pool on Saturday practicing our skill demonstrations, I noticed that his mask bore a striking resemblance to my own, and we compared it section by section to discover it was identically built in every respect. My guess is that the masks sit on display or in the box and get a bit misshapen from their factory condition, and so initially fit better or worse even though they are no different from one another.

I don’t know who paid more for his mask, but at least I like the copper and black colours I got with my Scubapro Spectra the best.



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