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Specialties Galore June 2, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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After all the time, money and hard work to advance from recreational diver to instructor, I was surprised at the relative ease of obtaining specialty instructor certification. Now I understand how the owner of our dive shop has so many certificates framed on the dive shop walls.

There are two ways. A Course Director can award specialties by putting you through some training, exercises and so on as long as you have 10 logged dives for the specialty, or you can wait until you have certified 25 divers at any level (maximum 5 from non-diving courses) and have logged 20 dives in the specialty and apply directly to PADI.

To get a jump on things quickly, I’m certifying as an instructor for 7 specialties with my course director, and will wait for my 25 certs (which will be so much easier as I can do specialty instruction) for the rest. These will be:

  1. Emergency Oxygen Provider
  2. Enriched Air Diver
  3. Wreck Diver
  4. Deep Diver
  5. Drift Diver
  6. Dry Suit Diver
  7. Digital Underwater Photographer

Looks like it will be an interesting summer.



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