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Tec “Deep” at Big Bay Point June 27, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Technical Diving, Training.
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It’s been a while since I wrote a retrospective, and I’m starting to run out of them as this will describe deives 218 and 219, and this blog started with dive number 241. The date was July 13th, and went out to our usual haunt of Big Bay Point at the south end of the entrance to Kempenfelt Bay in Lake Simcoe to join Brad and Dave training 3 prospective new technical divers, Andrew, Mike and Jeff.

The order of the day was to practice donning and doffing the scuba unit and shutdowns. I’ve already described my own experience in the same location with this, and is was heartening to see that the new crop of technical divers had the same difficulties as I had encountered.

The exercises started on the little speedboat which lies at a depth of 30′ along a line running east of the mailbox, near the log where we train the open water students. All started well, but once the heavy scuba units came off the buoyancy of the dry suits took hold, and those poor students found themselves clinging to  the straps to hold themselves down. To compound the difficulty, the struggling divers soon slid of the deck of the tiny boat and onto the bottom, producing thick clouds of silt to obscure their vision and knowledge of which way was up.

I stuck with Mike, who found the exercise very stressful and tiring. Once he’d struggled back into his harness we found the others had disappeared. After searching for a while we gave up and surfaced, finding that the current had taken us well east of the original location. We located the bubbles of the others and joined them for a few more minutes of fun.

Glad for the practice in my doubles, I was out of the water before noon and I headed home for lunch. It was good to get some time in before my trip to Brockville the following weekend to help with the wreck diving course, despite having not ventured below 36 feet in the hour and twenty one minutes spent underwater.



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