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Recreational Pursuits July 2, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment, Technical Diving.
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I received this email from one of my fellow Shearwater Pursuit owners. There were 5 of us in all for the first order from my dive shop, including 1 SPOTCE for our course director who has a KISS rebreather, a SPOT for me for technical diving, although I’m not yet Trimix certified, and 3 SPONs for the recreational guys (2 instructors and a divemaster).


After talking with Andrew who after a NDL dive wearing the Shearwater (SPON) and the Apex Quantum found that the Shearwater to be more conservative than the Quantum I started to look at the GF that were preset (30:85) and while that might be appropriate for decompression dives I think that may be way too conservative for deeper NDL dives. It would make sense to me that a GF setting of 85:85 for those in Navy Seal shape or down to 80:80 for the rest of us. If I understood the literature this would give us a 20% safety margin from the theoretical M-values, please wade in with your thoughts. There is the trial & error method comparing other computers while on a dive as I would like to have my Shearwater to be in sync with my Quantum or the Cochran!

I had some questions that I thought I could get answered (found at the bottom of the email) that I sent to Shearwater at 9:45 pm on Canada Day, attached is their response received 25 minutes later WOW. Please look at my questions and then their answers.



——- Forwarded message follows ——-

From: Shearwater Research <info@shearwaterresearch.com>
To: <deleted>
Date sent: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 22:10:17 -0400
Subject: SPON information

Hi Marty,

Happy Canada Day!

We do not have an official registration process. To receive information and news about updates and what’s new, please sign up for our newsletter on our website.

As far as the Fischer plug is concerned, loop the wire thru the slot in the bracket and crimp it down with the little attachment that’s in the bag. Or, loosen one of the screws that attach the bracket, loop the wire around that and tighten down. The plug is a friction fit and would be very difficult to pull out when it’s under pressure. In any event, the Fischer connection is hard potted and will not leak even if the plug is left off. The plug is to prevent the pins from salt water and eventual corrosion.

When speaking with Brett the other day, I mentioned to him that we are coming out with our own dive log program that will be offered free of charge. The third party program has caused our customers too many problems, we can no longer recommend it. Not to mention that he’s increased the price without advising us.

We are definitely targeting technical/decompression divers but are always thrilled when a nitrox diver purchases one of computers! Our factory default setting is 30/85. That’s a good conservative profile that works well for most folks, including recreational divers.

I’ve passed on your offer and information to Bruce. We are growing rapidly with lots of new ideas and plans for the future.

Thanks for buying one of our computers, I hope you enjoy diving with it.



From: <deleted>
Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2009 6:46 PM
To: Shearwater Research
Subject: Contact Form Notification

Contact Form Staff Notification

A New Contact has signed up through your contact form

A Contact has signed up. Their information is below:

<contact info deleted>

Comments: I was one of the instructors who purchased Pursuit SPON from Colt Creek Diving in Newmarket Ontario the other day. I do have a few questions regarding the computer and it’s operation. 1) I did not see any registration forms nor did I see an online registration process. Is there one? 2) The Fischer connector SS cover, where is the recommended attachment point? 3) In your pricing information the HHS Software Corp Dive log manager is quoted at $25.00 CDN whereas on the HHS Software Corp web site the price is $45.00 US. Can we purchase the software directly from Shearwater? 4) When the computer is to be used in recreational diving (No decompression) are there any guidelines or recommendations for setting the Gradient Factors? I have looked at the recommended literature but it seems that all are discussing decompression diving. I look forward to your reply. It is nice to see a Canadian Company engaged in this type of specialty research. I am electronic PCB designer by trade and should the need ever arise I would be pleased to assist in the development of your product.



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