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Out to play at Big Bay Point July 10, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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On August 2nd, 2008 I was back to Big Bay Point, equipped with a bit of enriched air left over from diving the 3 wrecks (Gaskin, Kinghorn and Daryaw) on our wreck diving course in the St. Lawrence River near Brockville.

This time, Dave, one of the new instructors at the shop (now departed for the west coast, I hear) had some students out, and being first in the water I had the honour of setting the dive flag, which was my first dive to 27 feet lasting 5 minutes on EAN26.

Not having to switch tanks, of course, almost an hour later we were in the water with the students doing open water dive 1, which lasted 25 minutes and went to 34 feet. I’m not sure where we went to get the extra depth but we must have done a short tour of some kind. The water temperature on both dives bottomed out at 18C so it was quite pleasant and could have been a wet suit dive, but I was in the dry suit in anticipation of great depth.

I was joined at that point by Matt and Andrew, and we took off down the line to 84 foot, using my last bottle of enriched air (EAN36). The water temperature was only 10C (50F) at that depth but the dry suit and hood kept me nice and warm. We dispensed with the safety stop because we stopped at 20 feet to play around. I shot a lift bag for practice but didn’t do it very well. It was pretty limp even with the expansion on the way to the surface. I decided then to get some more practice in with it.

We were out of the water at 12:06 and I headed home for lunch. Next stop, more wreck diving in Tobermory.



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