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Back to the Forest City July 14, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Shipwrecks, Technical Diving, Training.
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London, Ontario, where I lived for 17 years, likes to call itself the Forest City, but there are several Forest Cities in the Great Lakes region so the ship could be named after any of them.

This time, on August 8, 2008, armed with my Tec Deep certification and full technical gear, I could “legally” venture below 130 feet.  Even so, this third expedition was my shallowest dive on the Forest City to date, as I with with some other guys doing simulated decompression only as they were still in training. I dutifully cut short my dive and “decompressed” for 15 minutes on EAN48, with only 1 minute of actual decompression time.

The water temperature at depth was a mere 6 degrees Celsius (43F) but I was warm enough in my dry suit. It was the happy time when both my Apeks Quantum computers were working so I was wearing both rather than relying on tables for deco. At around 130 feet deep I noticed that there was a hatch in the middle of the deck. I’m going to stick my head in that to see what’s in there next time I dive it, which will be in August, unless I am accompanying students, of course.

Total dive time was 46 minutes, and I burned my doubles from 2900 to 1500 PSI, and my AL80 deco from 2900 to 2100 PSI. I took some photos with the Nikonos but as I mentioned some time ago the film was destroyed while I was in Pensacola.



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