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Heading up to Brockville July 18, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Fitness and Nutrition, Shipwrecks, Technical Diving, Training.
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Last night I went over to the dive shop to pick up my tanks. It was a little confused, with about a dozen divers filling and blending Nitrox for the wreck diving course in the St. Lawrence River. My tanks were filled and I took them away, although I left my new (bought used) Faber 45 tank which Ron said he’d bring up once it had been topped off with air. Dave also donated his extra set of OMS steel 85 doubles to the cause, which I’m going to use on the first dive, which is a little shallower than the other two.

I got a late start and caught in traffic on the way up today, and didn’t get there until 8 pm, having left at 4. Traffic was heavy gettting out of Toronto and didn’t clear up until I was past Oshawa. When I got there, I started checking the mix on my tanks, and found that my doubles were at 39.5%, and Dave’s were about the same. For the Gaskin, with a maximum depth of 70 feet this is fine, but a little rich for the Kinghorn which can go as deep as 95′.

Fortunately Rich, who’s only brough one set, had his at 36%, so I offered to let him use my doubles on the first dive, and he will refill mine with 36% tomorrow between the two dives. My two AL80s were also filled to 50%, which is a little more than I wanted, so now I have a ton of deco gas. We were supposed to bring 36% and 40% in these, so I hope some of the other guys have that or we’re going to have to be careful how we do things, especially on the deeper dive. My new 45 cubic foot tank is also at 50%, which is fine, although I would have preferred 80% to get me out of the water faster on the last dive, which is a little bit long.

We didn’t end up diving tonight – too bad, but it would have been too late for me anyway with the late start.



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