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Shopping for Widgets August 5, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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My last post dealt with rigging my stage tank, and it might be useful for you to know the prices of things. Latex surgical tubing, which is useful stuff being stretchy, strong and resistant to cutting runs about $2/foot at the local Home Depot, and a little more than that at Lowes. Home Depot sold it in 10′ chunks, while Lowes had a roll and you had to get someone to cut it. I needed about a foot to stretch around the 5″ tank.

The stainless steel clips were $6.18 each, and the fuel hose which protects the lanyard was 5 bucks for 2′, and I only needed half of it. I won’t mention the price of the lanyard itself as I didn’t buy the correct type. I got the hose clamp for free so I’d estimate the total cost of the rig at around $25, perhaps a little less if I were making several.

While I’m on it, while it was cheap to get stainless steel washers in packs of a dozen, neither store had stainless steel wing nuts of the appropriate size. That means going to an industrial supplier, or more likely, my local dive shop.



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