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New boat, a tour and a lost bag August 12, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Training.
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A week after the dive on the Tiller Wreck, on August 23rd, 2008, I was back at Big Bay Point. There were lots of students there and my first dive was  with Brad and his student on an Advanced Deep dive. It didn’t take long and I used up the rest of my air in the shallows looking at two new inboard/outboards that were lying a little east of the main line at 40′ depth. I had noticed them on the way down. There were also some new gnomes standing here and there. I had refilled my deco bottles from the Tiller Wreck dive and so had EAN33 on dive #1, and lasted 50 minutes despite having been deep for the first bit.

The second dive was an an open water student who I ended up taking on an underwater tour. I took him to the new boats which he thought was fun, and once he learned to adjust for depth changes his buoyancy was great. I only used 600 PSI on my second tank (now EAN43) .

When I got out Brad told me his life bag was missing so I searched around for another 35 minutes using my remaining gas but was unsuccessful.



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