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Night Exploration at Big Bay Point August 16, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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August 12th wasn’t my first night dive at Big Bay Point, but it was my first where I got to really look around.. Roger and I had finished a 40 minute surface interval before we headed out into the lake at 9PM, which was 10 minutes or so after sunset. Before descending Roger realized his wet suit was unzipped so we quickly got that sorted out and began a lights-out descent with reference to the line on the buoy until we could see it no longer, around 5 feet from the bottom.

I told him that he could lead and I would follow, which I did most but not all of the dive. First, after spending a few seconds locating the correct line, we headed down the slope to 65 feet when a painted skeleton marks a line heading east towards the snowmobile and the bicycle. We’d decided to wear hoods this time but at 62F/17C I felt cold and didn’t want to stay too long. I did note the two spark plugs on the engine and swam under the bicycle (it’s mounted on stilts) just for fun.

Roger then headed south-east, up the slope but not on the line. I pulled out my compass to maintain the 135º heading so we wouldn’t run past the line laid west to east at 30 feet that leads to the speedboat. We almost did, as when we were directly north of the speedboat we were at 40 feet. Fortunately, and as I mentioned in my write of the first dive of that day, I had noted a log lying at this depth north of the boat, and it’s orientation of 5º/185º, I thought the log I saw now was the same, and verified it with my compass. Heading south, we ended up about 5 feet west of the speedboat. The next few minutes were spent observing the many small-mouth bass and crayfish which now occupied the boat and I took a few pictures.

We went back down to 40’, heading west retracing the path we took on the previous dive. There were fish and crayfish everywhere – far more than I’ve seen in the daytime, and most didn’t seem to worry about our presence, barely moving even when we passed within inches over them. We passed the plastic jug float on a rope, then the patch of weeds that indicated we were about to run into the inboard/outboard. Cool stuff – it really felt like I knew my way around. The dive lasted about 55 minutes before we surfaced, bundled everything into the car, and headed home.



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