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Exploding Scuba Tanks August 19, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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Curious that Brad mentioned to me just a few days ago that one of the biggest dangers in the dive business was exploding tanks, and that yesterday I noticed this article about a man losing his hand in just such an accident. There is another connection as the location of the the dive shop in the article is a place where my family used to go on fishing holidays in the early sixties called South West Rocks.

My father rented a small house or cottage where the 6 of us (assuming my sister was still coming on family vacations – my recollections of that are a little vague) would stay. Nearby there was an old prison called the Trial Bay Gaol with tiny cells well exposed to the elements. It must have been a miserable existence for the convicts who were inmates  there.

We fished off the rocky shores. I wasn’t allowed to use a reel, just a line tied to the end of a wooden fishing pole we called a “Ned Kelly”, named after the famous 19th century Australian bushranger who was played by Mick Jagger in a movie of the same name. We’d keep the catch alive in a tide pool until it was time to leave. The rods were about 12′ long and I was surprised upon coming to Canada to see the tiny rods and reels that were used for lake fishing here.

Scuba tanks can be very dangerous, especially when being filled, which is why we have VIP and Hydrostatic testing. Make sure yours is done regularly by a reliable service provider.



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